Rosanne Catalano, aka RC Kayla, is the American author of “Mirrored Images,” the former Publisher of “The Cat’s Meow for Writers & Readers” and “Literary Voices Magazine,” an amateur photographer, a pet sitter, and an advocate. She began her writing journey at the tender age of 7 when she knew she was doing poorly in Mathematics so she wrote stories for ‘extra credit’ and handed them to her third-grade teacher (Mrs. Abrams).

Mrs. Abrams loved Rosanne’s stories so much that she shared them out loud with her class; who also loved them and encouraged Rosanne to continue writing her stories. An excellent beginning to her writing journey which hit some obstacles on the way to becoming a published author.

When Rosanne graduated high school in the late-1970s, she received an Academic Diploma and credits for office classes she selectively took; nothing to do with creative writing or writing itself. To combat the problem of her not having a college degree, she obtained work as a Secretary (aka an Administrative Assistant) and wrote when everyone else was asleep for the night.

By attending St. John’s University (Queens, NYC) at night while married and working a full-time secretarial job, she received Certificates in Creative Writing and Children’s Literature. She continued writing at night with her trusty ‘ole IBM electric typewriter until she was gifted a Dell desktop computer in December 2003; whereby she immediately searched for publishing, writing, and poetry websites, traditional publishing houses, literary agents, etc. where Rosanne submitted her short stories and poetry she had written over the many years she wrote when her now-ex-husband was asleep.

Finally, in 2004, she had a poem published, titled “In Loving Memory,” which is a tribute to her good friend Barbara Ann Hoover who was hit & killed by a drunk driver at 24 years of age. “In Loving Memory” was published on the literature site ‘’ and in a poetry anthology with other poets. The anthology book is titled “Touch of Tomorrow,” and Rosanne has only her author copy to show for being published with other poets in that book.

In December 2004, she created and published “The Cat’s Meow for Writers & Readers Magazine” to complement her author website, in which she collaborated with a Virtual Assistant, from Canada, Nancy Currie. After 7 years working with Rosanne, in 2010, Nancy Currie regretfully had to stop working as Rosanne’s VA due to having a second child and working full-time as an editorial assistant. From 2010 until 2016, Rosanne continued to publish “The Cat’s Meow for Writers & Readers” singlehandedly (using the website server host ‘Weebly’ that her former VA Nancy obtained for her).

Her helpful literary magazine became well known in the publishing industry–garnering 17,000 subscribers and many more readers–before she had to shut “The Cat’s Meow for Writers & Readers” down due to having major neck surgery in January 2017 and suffering complications from said surgery; forcing the hospital to place her in a rehabilitation center for 3 months (she had lost the use of both of her arms and lost a pint of blood, causing them to give her a blood transfusion). She regained the use of her arms through the sheer determination of a warrior.

However, Rosanne missed highlighting other authors, writers, poets, and publishers’ stories, brands, poems, articles, etc. so she created “Literary Voices Magazine” in January 2021. Shutting that down in October 2022 after much thought, she is now back with this page–“Book Conversations,” which got its start within the pages of “Literary Voices Magazine” thanks to writer Diane Morasco. Rosanne’s former collaborator suddenly vanishing is a shock but Rosanne is continuing with Diane’s suggestion to have author interviews in “Literary Voices” by publishing on WordPress now. If you’re reading this, Diane, thank you for passing the torch on, and I wish you and your family well wherever you are 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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